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How to Identify and Stop Revenue Leakage

Proven method for discovering and recovering leaked revenue

Fred Walters - iTalent

Fred Walters, General Partner, iTalent Digital 

Mark Vilimek

Mark Vilimek, Data Forensics Scientist, iTalent Digital


Wednesday, June 13th

  • 11:00am - noon (San Francisco)
  • 2:00pm - 3:00pm (New York)
  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm (London)

We’ll show you a proven methodology based on data forensics to quickly and cost-effectively discover leaks and recover the revenue, which can add material percentage points to your company's income statement.

  • The extent of your revenue leakage may surprise you. Most leaked revenue goes undetected without a concerted effort to discover it, and it is most likely a much bigger number than your highest estimate.
  • Discovering and recovering leaked revenue does not have to be expensive. Despite what a traditional consulting firm may have told you, there are ways to uncover and stop revenue leaks without incurring a hefty investment of time and resources. 
  • Many leaks come from unexpected sources. You may already know about some of the leaks because of discepancies in different data reports, but many others can go completely unnoticed without some forensics.
  • Fixing revenue leaks can quickly add multiple percentage points to your top line. What you may perceive as a negligible loss can have a material impact on your financials when compounded over time.

If you're ready to better understand how and to what extent revenue leakage can be affecting your company's performance, and learn a proven methodology for addressing it, then this live training is for you.